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3. Elephant and Jackal


Once upon a time, there lived an Elephant by the name of Karpuratilaka in a forest. He was brutal and haughty by nature. He used to roam in the forest without restraint. All the animals of the forest were afraid of this wild Elephant. Without any purpose, he used to pull down the trees and ripped the branches. In this way, he destroyed innumerable nests with eggs and crushed the nestlings under his massive feet. In short, he had created all round chaos in the forest. Fierce animals like Lions and Tigers also kept themselves at a safe distance from this Elephant. Once it happened that he destroyed the burrows of the jackals in his merciless stroll. This action of Elephant was not tolerable to the animals and all of them wanted to kill the Elephant. They had a conversation regarding this but thought it was nearly impossible to kill the Elephant due to his gigantic size. The Jackals were full of rage and planned to call a separate meeting. They were ready to do anything to get rid of the mighty Elephant. But killing the huge Elephant was not a tiny task to do. All of them had a discussion that how could they kill the Elephant. Suddenly, an old Jackal said,”Leave everything on me. I will cleverly bring about his death”. Everyone gave his consent to the idea of the old Jackal. The next day, old Jackal went to the Elephant, bowed respectfully before him and said, “My Lord! Favor me with your royal glance”. The Elephant looked at him and said in a loud voice, “Who are you? Why you have come here?” The intelligent Jackal replied, “I am only a poor Jackal. Your Majesty, no one can deny your greatness. You are kind-hearted, gentle and possess all qualities of a ruler. Taking these things in the mind, all the animals have chosen you to be their King. Please accept this offer and make us obliged”. The Elephant appeared to be happy with all the praise thrown by the Jackal. Jackal found the time to be appropriate and further acclaimed, “Your Highness, all the animals are eager to see your kingship ceremony. It will be held in the middle of the forest, where thousands of animals have already gathered to get your glimpse. Our astrologers have told this is the auspicious moment for your crowning. Time is slipping fast. So, please come with me without any delay”. The Elephant was really pleased by the Jackal’s talk. He always dreamt to become a King. He contemplated that the kingship ceremony will be matter of honor to him. Instantly, he got ready to accompany the Jackal to the place where ceremony was to be held. The Jackal took the Elephant deep into the forest. On the way, they had to walk through a swampy area by the side of a lake. The Jackal walked across the swampy region easily. But as soon as the Elephant stepped on the swamp, he got stuck in it. He tried his best to come out of the swamp, but to no avail. The more he tried to move out, the more he went deep into it. He got frightened and called out the Jackal, “Friend, Please help me to come out of this mud. I am sinking deep into the mud. Call other animals quickly to help me otherwise I will die”. The Jackal replied, “I am not going to save you. You deserve this conduct. You are a cruel, arrogant and a merciless creature. You killed our siblings and kids. You have destroyed our burrows and nests of poor birds. You knew everything, but remained indifferent. I am sorry to say that your end has come”. The Jackal left the place immediately and the Elephant kept shouting for help. In a little while, the Elephant disappeared from the scene, sinking into the deep mud.

Moral: Every despot has to meet his doom.

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Ministry wise PIB releases

Ministry-wise PIB releases Vice President Inaugurates World Urdu Editors' Conference at Hyderabad Vice President Addresses International Seminar on 'Islamic Art And Culture' at Hyderabad Vice President Greets People on New Year 2012 Capacity Building and Containment of Violence were Watchword in 2011 Parliamentary Affairs Minister Pawan Kumar Bansal Addresses Post Winter-Session Press Conference India's External debt Stood at US$ 326.6 billion at End-September 2011; an increase of 6.6 per cent over the Level of US$ 306.4 billion at End-March 2011 Calendar for Auction of Government of India Treasury Bills for the Quarter Ending March 2012 Issuance Calendar for Marketable Dated Securities for Jan-March 2011-12 Anand Sharma Interacts with Fashion Industry Achievements and Initiatives of the Ministry of Steel in the Year 2011 2011 Marked by Important Initiatives in Oil and Gas Sector All-India Consumer Price Index Numbers for Industrial Workers on Base 2001=100 for the Month of November 2011 Planning Commission Approves Upper Kundlika Project of Maharashtra RAILWAYS REVENUE EARNINGS UP BY 10.20 PER CENT Wheat Sown in 276.43 lakh Hectares and Pulses in 138.54 lakh Hectares 3815 MW Grid Connected Renewable Capacity Added During 2011 New System of Coal Grading from January 2012 Year End Review-2011 Jawaharlal Nehru Port Gets ISO Certification Achievements of Ministry of Heavy Industries During the ! Year 2011 Achievements of Department of Public Enterprises During the Year 2011 Provisional Results of Annual Survey of Industries 2009-2010 Year-End-Review of the Ministry of Overseas Indian Affairs for the year 2011

2. Blind Vulture n Birds

Once upon a time, there was a hill that sloped down to the banks of a river. At the bottom of the hill, there was a tree which made the shelter for many birds. One day, a blind old Vulture came to live in the hollow of the tree. The birds welcomed the blind vulture and decided to give him a share of their food since he was old. When the Blind Vulture saw birds’ concern for him, he was overwhelmed with gratitude. He thought to himself, “As these birds are being so kind to me, it has become my duty to protect their young ones when they are away gathering food”. After this, the Vulture used to get his food from the birds and in return, he took care of their young ones while they were away. So like this, all of them were passing their days happily. One day, a cat passed by that tree when the birds were away. Hearing the noise of the young ones, she came near the tree with the hope of catching and eating the baby birds. But when the young ones saw her coming, they made a chirrup. The blind Vulture heard them and shouted, “Who is there?” On seeing the Vulture, the Cat got frightened and said to herself, “O God! I am as good as dead. But I need to be brave. I should try to gain his confidence”. At once, the Cat replied, “O wise one! I just came to pay my homage to you”. The Vulture asked, “Who are you?” The Cat answered, “I am a Cat”. The Vulture shouted, “Go away otherwise I’ll eat you up”. The Cat was clever and she made quick responses to the Vulture. She innocently said to the Vulture, “Sir, Listen to me first then you can decide further. It is not good that you are discarding me as I belong to a particular race”. The Vulture decided to listen to her. The Cat said, “I live on the other side of the river. I don’t eat meat and take bath everyday in the river. I am doing great penance for my sins. I have heard much about your intelligence from the birds on the banks of the river. They told me that I should learn more about religion from you as you possess all knowledge. So, I came here to become your disciple and seek your blessings”. She further said, “But, I don’t feel what the birds told me is true, when you got ready to kill a poor cat. You should have treated me well, after all guests are form of God. Even if you don’t have any food to offer me, at least you could say something kind to me”. The Old Vulture replied, “How can I trust you since you are carnivorous and young birds reside here”. The Clever Cat was well-versed in tantrums. She touched the ground and her ears as a sign of her honesty and replied, “I've read all scriptures and came to know that killing is immoral. The entire forest is full of herbs and vegetables. So why should I commit sin by killing birds?" The Vulture believed her and allowed her to stay with him in the hollow of the tree. With the passing days, the Cat started eating the young birds one by one without the knowledge of the Vulture. When the birds found that their young ones were missing, they started looking for their kids. As soon as the Cat realized that situation is not in her favor, she quietly slipped away. Unknown about the happening, the blind Vulture lay down near the hollow of the tree where the Cat had thrown the bones of some of the birds eaten by her. When the Birds saw the bones of their young ones, at once they shouted, “The blind Vulture has eaten our innocent kids”. All of them got enraged by the ingratitude of the Vulture and they pecked him to death. The poor Vulture didn’t even get the chance to defend himself.

Moral: Never treat someone whom you hardly know as a friend.

2011 infographics

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Thank you Sachin Kulkarni

1. Old Tiger Greedy Traveller


I wish to begin a 100 blog series and begin here with some Folk tales.

Once upon a time, there lived a Tiger in a forest. With the passing years, he became too old to hunt. One day, the Tiger was walking by the side of a lake and suddenly, a gold bangle came across his sight. Quickly he picked up the bangle and thought that he could use it as an allure to catch someone. As he was under the thought process, a traveler happened to pass through the opposite side of the lake. The Tiger instantly thought to himself, “What a delicious meal he would make?” He planned a scheme to attract the traveler. He held the bangle in his paw making it visible to the traveler and said, “Would you like to take this gold bangle. I don’t require it”. At once, the traveler wanted to take the bangle, but he hesitated to go near the Tiger. He knew that it was risky, yet he sought the Gold Bangle. He planned to be cautious, so he asked the Tiger, “How can I believe you? I know you are a beast and would kill me”. The Clever Tiger innocently said, “Listen Traveler, in my youth, I was wicked unquestionably, but now I have changed myself. With the advice of a Sanyasi, I have left all evil. Now I am all alone in this world and have engaged myself in kind deeds. Moreover, I have grown old. I have no teeth and my claws are blunt. So, there is no need to fear from me”. The traveler’s was taken in by this smart talk and his love for gold soon overcame his fear of the Tiger. He jumped into the lake to wade across the Tiger. But as per the plan of the Tiger, he got trapped in the marsh. On seeing this, the Tiger consoled him and said, “Oh! You need not worry. I’ll help you”. Gradually he came towards the traveler and seized him. As the traveler was being dragged out, onto the bank, he thought to himself, “Oh! This beast's talk of saintliness took me in totally. A beast is always a beast. If only I had not let my greed overcome my reason, I could be alive”. However, it was too late; the Tiger killed the traveler and ate him up. Like this, the traveler became victim of greed and Tiger was successful in his evil plan. Moral: Greed never goes unpunished.

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HR Headlines -

No Christmas Break For 71% Indians
An average of seven in every ten employees in India will work during the holiday season, as per a latest survey conducted by Regus. As many as 71 percent of workers will be involved in office work during the year-end Christmas and New Year break. The survey covered more than 12,000 people across 85 countries. More than half of the global respondents said they will be working during the year-end holiday season. In India, 59 percent of respondents working during this break will travel to their offices. Despite this, the level of productivity is expected to remain low, resulting in little value addition to the employers and wasting time meant for home and family, the survey found. The trend would be more visible in small firms in India, where 71 percent respondents are likely to work compared to 56 percent in large businesses.
Source : 22-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by
India To Take Up Call Centre Bill With U.S.
India’s ambassador to the U.S. Nirupama Rao said the government will raise the issue of the U.S. Call Centre Worker and Consumer Protection Bill at the appropriate governmental forum to safeguard the interests of the Indian IT industry.Ms Rao said on the sidelines of a Confederation of Indian Industry conference that a detailed impact analysis of the bill was being made in terms of the scope of its business coverage. “We are in touch with NASSCOM and the relevant government departments on this issue,” she said. “We have also conveyed that protectionist barriers in this field tend to be counterproductive in their outcome,” she added. Citing a study by the Indian industry association, she said IT companies from India support approximately 98,000 jobs in the U.S.
Source : 25-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by
Pharma Industry Drawing More Women
Women are entering the pharmaceuticals industry in a big way, judging by the number of applications being received by Dr Reddy’s Laboratories. “There has been a spurt in applications from women candidates,” says Vice-President, Corporate-HR Rajorshi Ganguli. The Hyderabad-based firm is hiring more women at entry-level posts, including chemists. Women constitute 14 percent of its total workforce of 14,000. “If the current trend continues, this would go up significantly over a couple of years,” adds Ganguli. Some special privileges extended by big companies are also drawing women to the sector. Dr Reddy’s, for instance, offers incentives such as flexible working hours up to one year from child-birth and extended maternity leave. The trend can also been seen in Pharma institutions, where enrollment of women in pharmacology and Pharma analysis has increased.
Source : 25-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by
Piramal Healthcare Names ED & COO
Piramal Healthcare has named Vijay Shah as executive director and COO with effect from January 1. He is currently managing director of Piramal Glass. Mr. Shah has also been inducted as a director on the board of Piramal Healthcare, the company said in a filing to the Bombay Stock Exchange.
Source : 25-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by
Cabinet Clears Bill Regulating Higher Education
The Union Cabinet has approved a bill seeking to set up an overarching body to supervise and regulate higher education in universities and technical institution. The National Commission of Higher Education and Research (NCHER), proposed to be set up under the bill, will include all existing higher education regulatory bodies, including the University Grants Commission and the All India Council for Technical Education, associated with the Human Resource Development Ministry. NCHER will have a significant number of experts in various fields of higher education. Its 70 members will represent every state and other higher education regulatory bodies, other than those regulating medical education, such as the Medical Council of India.
Source : 23-12-11   Deccan Herald   Compiled by
More Global Recruiters Flock To IIT-B
Students of the Indian Institute of Technology, Bombay (IIT-B), received 800 offers during campus placements which started on December 1.Multinational companies have recruited 60 students so far. The number of international companies visiting the campus increased dramatically this year. “While four to five such companies had come to IIT Bombay last academic year, the number has doubled this year,” said Ravi Sinha, professor in charge of placements. Around 1,380 students are participating in the process this year. While 200 companies have already participated, an estimated 150 more are likely to visit in the following months. Placement of MSc, MDes and PhD students begins a few months before the study programmes end. The second phase will start in January.
Source : 23-12-11   Compiled by
Now MPOs To Support Marketing Efforts
With companies fast realizing the benefits of outsourcing routine marketing operations, MPO, or marketing processing outsourcing, has become the latest buzzword in the BPO industry. Vinod Harith, founder, CMO Axis Outsourcing Services, says that instead of dealing with separate firms such as a web design agency, an e-mail marketing agency and a database agency, it’s simpler for companies to deal with one agent handling all these functions. CMO was set up four years ago and claims to be India’s first MPO, looking to tap the lower end of the market. It sees this as a multi-billion-dollar opportunity. Other firms in the MPO space are Wipro, which does business with large companies, Champions Group, William Lea and a few emerging smaller firms from Coimbatore that offer marketing support.
Source : 23-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by
U.S. Labour Market Looks Up In November
The U.S. labour market showed signs of recovery in November with payrolls increasing in 29 states, while the jobless rate dropped in 43.New York was ahead with a 29,500 increase in jobs, followed by Texas with 20,800. Michigan saw the largest drop in unemployment, with the rate failing 0.8 percentage point, to 9.8 percent, as per figures from the Labor Department. Unemployment figures in Alabama, Minnesota, South Carolina and Utah dropped 0.6 percentage point each in November, the second-biggest decline. The U.S. added 120,000 workers in November and the unemployment rate unexpectedly fell to 8.6 percent, the lowest since March 2009, the Labor Department reported December 2. The economy expanded 2 percent in the third quarter. This follows an average 0.9 percent growth in the first half of the year.
Source : 20-12-11   Business Standard   Compiled by
Traders Leave Banks To Set Up Hedge Funds
Commodity traders from banks are quitting their jobs in the face of tough regulations to join or launch their own hedge funds. George Taylor, 41, who was head of global commodity proprietary trading at Credit Suisse Group, started a hedge fund in February. It now has more than $1 billion inassets. Traders in energy, metals and agriculture are leaving financial firms as U.S. and European regulators seek to limit holdings across raw materials and ban so-called proprietary trading. Bloomberg data shows the financial sector saw 2,33,000 job losses this year. Exits of commodity traders from banks probably rose 10 percent this year, according to Commodity Search Partners, a U.K. recruiter. Pay for that group will drop 24 percent on average, estimates Options Group, a New York-based recruitment firm.
Source : 20-12-11   Financial Express   Compiled by
Avoiding Double Social Security Coverage
A concern among cross-border movement of executives is the double impact of employee’s social security costs and compliance with relevant regulations in both the home and host countries. Employers are required to contribute under the Indian Provident Fund Act with respect to international workers (IWs) who do not qualify as excluded employees. IWs include foreign nationals working for an employer in India to whom the PF Act applies and Indian employees working abroad in countries with which India has signed a social security agreement (SSA). The SSA includes a detachment benefit, which generally provides for avoidance of double social security coverage if the duration of the assignment in the host country is for a period as specified in the SSA. For example, under the SSA with Korea, detachment is available for a short-term contract up to five years.
Source : 20-12-11   Financial Express   Compiled by
Digital Freedom At Workplace A Security Hazard
With mobile devices and social networks erasing the boundaries between work and home, enterprises now face security issues.Seven out of 10 young employees frequently ignore IT policies, and one in four is a victim of identity theft before the age of 30, according to a global study by Cisco. Ponemon Institute estimates the cost of just one data breach can be staggering for an enterprise, anywhere between $1 million to $58 million. Damage to the company’s reputation and loss of customers and market share are the other outcomes of a high-profile data loss. Rebecca Jacoby, CIO, Cisco says, “As workforces become increasingly mobile, security and risk management concerns inevitably grow. The findings indicate the real need for better corporate policies, end-user education and stronger, trusted relationships between employees and IT departments.”
Source : 20-12-11   Financial Express   Compiled by
Yum! Restaurants Names Pizza Hut GM
Yum! Restaurants India has appointed Sanjiv Razdan as general manager of Pizza Hut Delivery. Prior to this, he was brand development director of Pizza Hut in the U.K. Razdan was part of the core team which launched Pizza Hut in India during the mid-1990s.
Source : 14-12-11   Exchange4media   Compiled by
Dupont Names South Asia President
DuPont has appointed Rajeev Vaidya as South Asia president,. He takes over from Balvinder Kalsi, who has moved to DuPont’s headquarters in Wilmington, U.S., to head corporate strategy. Vaidya joined the firm in 1985. He was until now regional business leader for DuPont Chemicals & Fluoroproducts.
Source : 20-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by
India Scores Low In Global Learning Study
A global study assessing learning standards in 74 countries has placed India near the bottom. The study, Programme for International Student Assessment (PISA), coordinated by Paris-based Organisation for Economic Co-operation and Development (OECD), assessed education systems worldwide by testing the skills and knowledge of 15-year-old students in participating economies. India’s participation was in a pilot project, confined to schools from Tamil Nadu and Himachal Pradesh.In Tamil Nadu, only 17 percent of students were estimated to possess proficiency in reading that is at or above the baseline needed to be effective and productive in life. In Himachal Pradesh, the level was 11 percent. A similar trend was observed in mathematical and scientific literacy, too.In Malaysia, 56 percent of students were found to be proficient in reading and 41 in mathematics. The figures for the UAE were 49 percent and 60 percent, respectively.
Source : 20-12-11   Mint   Compiled by
Hyundai Eyes Talent From IITs, IIMs
Hyundai Motor is turning to the Indian Institutes of Technology (IITs) and Indian Institutes of Management (IIMs) to recruit talent for its global marketing operations. The Korean auto maker has hired two engineers from IIT Madras at a salary topping $50,000 each per year (more than Rs 27 lakh). The next recruit will be from IIM Bangalore at a salary of $70,000 (roughly Rs 39 lakh) a year, with benefits such as housing allowance, health insurance and a visit to their home country. The company has initiated programmes such as ‘Leader Waves' for engineers and ‘Professional Waves’ for management graduates. Recruits under the ‘Leader Wave’ will be offered a job in the company’s Seoul office, where they will be trained across various functions for two years, before being deputed to one of Hyundai’s overseas facilities.
Source : 20-12-11   Hindu Business Line   Compiled by

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Harvard Infographic: Harvard Law School — By The Numbers - Column Five Media

Ministry-wise PIB releases







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