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68 kg gold, 435 kg silver on this Lord Ganesha idol - News


Ganeshotsav pandals in Mumbai are ready to welcome the elephant-headed God.

As the veil lifts across big and small mandals during Ganeshotsav, pandal-hoppers are expected to throng certain venues, partly owing to their lavish themes or simply their wish-fulfilment quotient.

Take this pandal for instance. The Ganpati idol at the Gaud Saraswat Brahmin Mandal at King's Circle has upon it, hold your breath, a whopping 68 kilos of gold and 435 kilos of silver.

7 Habits of a Highly Ineffective ManagerMindflash | Mindflash

How to build a work wardrobe [infographic] - Holy Kaw!

Why your customers really leave - Holy Kaw!

If you want to please your customer, the answer may be more simple than you think. It’s not high-tech UX or even price point. It’s good, old-fashioned customer service. That’s according to Smashing Magazine, which cites the data above from the Rockefeller Corporation. The magazine writes:

Look at what’s not here. No mention of price or quality. How you make customers feel is what drives their loyalty, and it’s here where website owners are in trouble. Website owners are disconnected from their customers, save for a conference party or survey each year. If you asked them to introduce you to 10 of their customers, most would struggle, grimace and then get a developer to break out the SQL. Imagine trying to run a bar, convenience store, hair salon — heck, any service — with that level of apathy towards the folks who pay your wages. It shouldn’t be surprising that your customers are willing to jump ship the second a competitor launches a sexy iPhone app. If you’ve never cared about your customers, why would they care about you?

Business world donating expertise to aid groups to help increase efficiencies, aid output -

Bar codes. Electronic way bills. Vertically integrated partnerships. They help businesses turn big profits. Now companies like UPS and Wal-Mart are teaching these trade crafts to aid workers so they can deliver food and shelter to famine victims more quickly and cheaply, saving money and ultimately more lives.

When World Food Program executive director Josette Sheeran visited hunger sites in Kenya and Somalia last month, she brought along Peter Bakker, the former chief executive of the transportation company TNT and a current U.N. ambassador against hunger. Bakker is helping rally businesses to provide support for those affected by the drought and famine in the Horn of Africa.

Business world donating expertise to aid groups to help increase efficiencies, aid output

Quotes from Washington memoirs

Quotes from Washington memoirs

"In My Time: A Personal and Political Memoir" by former Vice President Dick Cheney, which arrived in stores Tuesday, has made headlines for its pointed criticism of former Secretary of State Colin Powell and for Powell's reaction. Here are a few excerpts from the memoirs, some more incendiary than others, of other recent Washington notables:

"In a single morning, the purpose of my presidency had grown clear: to protect our people and defend our freedom that had come under attack."

Messi arrives in football-crazy Kolkata to play friendly match - Indian Express

Argentine superstar Lionel Messi arrived in Kolkata in the early morning on Wednesday but more than 1500 frenzied die-hard supporters and hordes of mediamen who stayed awake throughout the night were left heartbroken without getting a glimpse of the Argentine superstar made a hush-hush exit from the VIP gate amid high security without anybody's notice.

Messi is in Kolkata as part of an Argentina squad to play a FIFA-sanctioned international friendly with Venezuela at the city's Salt Lake stadium on Friday evening.

The football-mad city did not witness the same turnout when Diego Maradona visited about three years ago as Kolkatans then had lined up on the streets while state government officials had come to welcome him at the airport.

But the euphoria was exactly the same as the fans with many wearing the Albiceleste colours painted the Netaji Subhash Chandra Bose International Airport in Dum Dum in white and sky blue.

Ads by Google '+google_ads[i].line2 +'  '+google_ads[i].line3 + ''+google_ads[i].visible_url.substr(0,20) +'

Holding Argentina flags and life-size Messi cutouts, the fans poured in since 2 am, more than one hour in advance of the Argentine star's arrival. There were also few Tricolours seen flying high among the white and sky blue colours.

The football-crazy fans danced and cried deliriously, shouting "three cheers for Messi, three cheers for Argentina", as near stampede like scenes were witnessed outside the airport.

"It's an achievement for Kolkata. I don't know what will happen to me when I see the God of football. Perhaps, I will faint," ardent Messi fans Arindam Ghosh and Uttam Saha, who were part of a 50-member team of Bidrohi Club in Baghajatin, said.

Anna Hazare ke side effects ! SC takes Anna swipe at govt: People will teach you a lesson - Indian Express

Days after MPs questioned the process of judicial appointments, the Supreme Court today hit back.

“We have seen some enlightened people making comments that the standards of judiciary have gone down. Let those people cry from rooftops that the standards of judiciary have gone down,” said a Bench of Justice G S Singhvi and Justice H L Dattu.

The judges also attacked the government saying that people would “teach them a lesson” as was seen recently in the Anna Hazare campaign for the Jan Lokpal. In fact, the bench suggested that the government could face more such protests and that things could take a “worse” turn.

These remarks came in a petition filed by the central government against a Gauhati High Court order directing it to grant enhanced pay structures to various government employees. “The government officers do not give proper information and briefs to the counsel. Take another 10 years, the people will teach you a lesson. Three days back you have witnessed it. It will be much worse,” the bench told Additional Solicitor General P P Malhotra.

Facebook - Relevance of 'Doctor' Dhoni to Team India

The Mystery of Steve Jobs's Public Giving -

The Mystery of Steve Jobs’s Public Giving

Steve Jobs, a founder of Apple, has focused on his work to improve the lives of millions of people through technology.David Paul Morris/Bloomberg NewsSteve Jobs, a founder of Apple, has focused on his work to improve the lives of millions of people through technology.

Steve Jobs is a genius. He is an innovator. A visionary. He is perhaps the most beloved billionaire in the world.

Surprisingly, there is one thing that Mr. Jobs is not, at least not yet: a prominent philanthropist.

Despite accumulating an estimated $8.3 billion fortune through his holdings in Apple and a 7.4 percent stake in Disney (through the sale of Pixar), there is no public record of Mr. Jobs giving money to charity. He is not a member of the Giving Pledge, the organization founded by Warren E. Buffett and Bill Gates to persuade the nation’s wealthiest families to pledge to give away at least half their fortunes. (He declined to participate, according to people briefed on the matter.) Nor is there a hospital wing or an academic building with his name on it.

None of this is meant to judge Mr. Jobs. I have long been a huge

'Many unemployed youth succeed in uncovering corruption' - Rediff Getahead

Jan Lokpal Bill is very regressive: Arundhati Roy - India News - IBNLive

The Hindu : Opinion / Lead : It is a long journey ahead: Kejriwal

Always Connected

Always Connected
Created by: Online Schools


Always Connected
Created by: Online Schools

Your Professor Tweets More Than You [infographic]

How To Get A Job In Social Media In 5 Minutes [infographic]

Tuesday, 30 August 2011



Bengaluru morning


No White Paper on black money, says Pranab - Business

Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee.

The government on Tuesday told Parliament that it does not propose to bring out a White Paper on black money.

"There is no proposal to publish any White Paper on black money," Finance Minister Pranab Mukherjee told the Rajya Sabha in a written reply.

White Papers, which are issued by the government, lay out the policy or proposed action on topics of current concern.

The minister, however, said that the government has commissioned a study on black money by three national-level institutions.

A rocky road for Hindustan Motors - Business

Amberoid: The dream Ambassador at Rs 4.4 crore.
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The company is desperate to move ahead and jettison this controversy, once and for all.

Manoj Jha, managing director of HM, considers CK Birla's visit to Uttarapara as a new beginning.

 "He was in the city to attend the annual general meeting. It is great that this time he has managed to visit the plant," said Jha.

"We will honour his commitment of new launches. His visit was a big boost for us," he added.

HM's land fiasco is but a small drama amidst the larger theater of the car maker's struggle to stay relevant in today's India which has become one of the hotspots for carmakers globally.

Ganesh Chaturthi: The Lalbaugcha Raja in PHOTOS - News


Located at Lalbaug market, Lalbaugcha Raja is one of the oldest sarvajanik (public) Ganesh festivals of Mumbai established in 1934.

During the pre-Independence era, the festival was used as a platform by the prominent leaders to generate opinion against the British empire.

Lalbaugcha Raja is truly a King in all respects and it pays to seek his audience.

A mere glance of the deity which is labeled as mukh darshantakes about two-and-a-half-hours wait in the queue during weekdays and eight to nine hours during weekends.

Was fortunate to see when I was 3-4 year old. Lived in a Government Chawl in Cotton Green then :)

Straight Talk: Candour on Corruption | I PAID A BRIBE

On August 24 2011,,  a Janaagraha  initiative, launched a new concept called Straight Talk - `Candour on Corruption', a Round Table discussion on the hot topic of the day – the Lokpal Bill and the current citizens movement taking shape across the country.

Since works towards tackling corruption by harnessing the collective energy of citizens, this concept intends to bring on ground various perspectives and opinions with regard to the corruption debate. Guests at the Round Table discussion included prominent city journalists, Anil Padmanabhan from The Mint, E Raghavan from Vijay Karnataka, Neena Gopal from Deccan Chronicle, civil society activist, Nikhil De of the Mazdoor Kisan Shakti Sanghatan and former Lokayukta for Karnataka State, Justice Santosh Hegde, who met for an intense, spirited discussion on ‘Life after Lokpal’. The discussion was anchored by Ramesh Ramanathan, Co-Founder, Janaagraha Centre for Citizenship and Democracy.

 The discussion primarily centred on the Lokpal Bill and its development into an institutional framework or design meant to tackle corruption. Justice Hegde shared his intimate knowledge of the Lokpal Bill with the panelists, who then deliberated over the proposed law and its efficacy in mitigating Big ticket scams, while raising doubts on whether it would be able to tackle transactional scams,  popularly called retail corruption’. The panelists also shared their views on how the Lokpal Bill is just one part of a larger political process, and examined the need to create a parallel set of institutions or strengthen the existing ones to bring about positive change.

Myriad questions, from the need to have a multi-institutional structure for national and grassroots level to the need for more reforms and disintermediation were also debated and analysed. The recent turn of events have brought the entire nation together in action against corruption; sustaining the same momentum and channelizing the movement beyond the Lokpal were key points addressed in the session. Electoral reforms and political mobilisation were then offered as some of the ways through which systemic change could be initiated and sustained.

The discussion ended with the thought that though the Jan Lokpal Bill is certainly a way forward, it requires sustained efforts and parallel reforms in other areas to fight corruption.

The Ten Worst Things to Put in Your Cover Letter - Finance and Accounting Jobs News and Advice

It's never too early to make a bad impression.

A cover letter or introductory email is often the first thing a potential employer sees when reviewing a job applicant. It's the first opportunity to impress recruiters and hiring managers and, therefore, the first opportunity to disappoint them. Everything from copy mistakes to inappropriate jokes in a cover letter could derail an application.

Here are the top ten worst things to put on a cover letter:

1. Next to Nothing

While writing something that's too long is a common cover letter mistake, what can be even more damaging is a cover letter that's too short.

Bruce Hurwitz, President of Hurwitz Strategic Staffing, Ltd., a New York-based staffing firm recalls a cover letter he received a few months ago for an entry-level IT sales position. It read simply, "Here's my resume. Call me. [Phone number]."

"I cracked up," Hurwitz says. "This person had only just graduated with a Bachelor's degree. It was ridiculous."

A good cover letter should be somewhere between 200 to 250 words, Hurwitz says, and should answer the question of why a recruiter should look at the resume. "The key is to highlight one success," Hurwitz says. "For example, 'I successfully increased sales 500% over two years, resulting in increased, sustained revenue of $25 million.' Once I read that, I look at the resume."

2. Criticism of a Prospective Employer, a San Francisco-based site that connects customers with small business services, asked potential employees to submit in their cover letters feedback about their website. One candidate, a contender for an entry-level position in April, didn't pull any punches.

"The engineering of your site looks lazy and ineffective," the applicant wrote, proceeding to describe the color scheme of the site as "disconcerting to my eyes."

Needless to say, he was not considered for the position, though not before the hiring manager got in some laughs around the water cooler at his expense.

"We forwarded the cover letter to our managers sort of as a joke," says Sander Daniels, co-founder of the site. "It was the most caustic feedback we received. But we responded kindly to him -- we didn't suggest any improvements to him in approaching other employers. We don't see it as our role to counsel failed candidates."

Daniels observed that while many strong candidates turn in well-written cover letters, some have let the demand for engineers get to their heads, as Silicon Valley romances them with six-figure salaries and other job perks.

"Maybe they think they can get away with it -- but in our company, culture is a very important factor." Daniels says. "Even if Facebook's best engineer came to us, we wouldn't hire him if he was a jerk."

3. Personal Stories

While employers are sometimes interested in personal stories, especially if they give some idea about work ethic, it's best to save these stories for the interview, says Lindsay Olson of New York-based Paradigm Staffing, who specializes in recruiting communications and marketing professionals.

"I think my favorite of all time was the salesperson who poetically told me about how he decided to run a marathon, climbed to reach glaciers to have a taste of pure water, ran at heights of 5,000 meters in Peru, and biked down the world's most dangerous road and survived (over 300,000 have not)," says Olson, of a candidate who was applying for a business development position at a recruiting firm in June last year. "All this in his opening paragraph."

If you are asked in an interview about your hobbies and adventures, be prepared with a strong answer, says Olson. "What a [job candidate] likes to do outside of work might show how they are in their job," she says. "As a hiring manager, what you don't like to hear is, 'I just like to sit around at home and read books all day.'"

4. Awkward Language

Rachel Levy, director of marketing at Just Military Loans, a Wilmington, Del.-based personal loan service for military personnel, got a letter last week from a candidate who seemed to be expressing lukewarm interest in an IT analyst position.

"My name is xxx. I am pretty interested in the IT analyst position at Just Military Loans," the letter began.

Levy says she sees many applications, especially for IT jobs, to have grammatical and other language flaws. "What I've noticed is that there are a lot of people applying to these jobs, for whom English is a second language," Levy says. "So the connotations of certain words and phrases may not be clear to them. Which is fine, but they should get someone to help word their intentions correctly."

In this case, Levy thinks the applicant meant "very" instead of "pretty," but she'll never know because that applicant didn't get an interview.

5. Someone Else's Words

Frank Risalvato, a recruiting officer for Inter-Regional Executive Search Inc., is deluged with cover letters from different candidates that all obviously use the same template from the same career coaches.

"Some of these [cover letters] we see are very obviously not written by the individual," says Risalvato. "We get 15 to 20 of these a month, and it sounds disingenuous and insincere, seeing these cover letters from Seattle one week, Chicago another, and it's all the same style."

Some career experts also warn against the tired stand-by opening lines in a cover letter. "Opening a letter with a passive and clichéd statement such as 'Enclosed please find my resume highlighting my experience and skills that would help your company to grow and succeed,'" is a no-no, says Ann Baehr, certified professional resume writer and president of New York-based Best Resumes. "It's best to use something catchy and more specific such as, "If your company could benefit from the expertise of a hard-charging sales producer with a flawless record of success for closing tier-one Fortune 500 prospects in the healthcare technology market and capturing millions of dollars in revenue, please take a moment to review the attached resume."

If you're uncomfortable with that approach, make your cover letter unique to you with insights about the company you're applying to, advises Darrell Gurney, Los Angeles-based founder of career coaching site and author of Backdoor Job Search: Never Apply For A Job Again!.

"Put in a note saying something like, 'I've been following your company's progress in the last year and in February and I noticed your company was mentioned in the Journal of such and such,'" Gurney says. "That's the amazing thing about the Internet. You can spend 15 minutes online and look like you've been following them for a year."

Gurney reminds applicants to do their full research on the company if they do get called in for an interview after.

6. Irrelevant Experience

As noteworthy as an impressive Girl Scout cookies sales record may be, it's not worth trumpeting that experience when trying to break into a field like software sales. Rich DeMatteo, co-founder of Philadelphia-based Social Media Marketing firm Bad Rhino, remembers a candidate who did just that when he was working as a corporate recruiter at a software company.

"I was recruiting for a software sales position and one candidate was sure she was qualified because of her success selling Girl Scout cookies when she was a young girl," DeMatteo says. "I think she was young and didn't realize how important it is to state the right experience. Younger applicants tend to reach for skills, and try to find them anywhere in their life."

Some candidates take it even further, acknowledging they have no relevant skills, but pushing to be hired anyway.

"I read one for an IT analyst position that says, 'Although my qualifications do not exactly match your needs, the close proximity to my home is a big bonus for me,'" Levy of Just Military Loans recalls. "You have a lot of underqualified people just out of college just throwing resumes at the wall, and hoping something sticks."

DeMatteo suggests trying to focus on specifc sales figures or experience in relevant projects. "A lot of sales, for instance, is numbers-based. Stick to that."

7. Arrogance

It's one thing to promote yourself favorably in a cover letter, but watch that it doesn't degenerate into overt bragging.

This is especially true when it comes to ambiguous skills, says Jennifer Fremont-Smith, CEO of Smarterer, a Boston-based tech startup aimed at helping IT applicants improve their resumes.

"People claim to have things like, 'superior Internet skills.' What does that even mean?" says Fremont-Smith. "I saw an application from a Web developer about a month ago where he described himself as a 'rockstar in design tools,' and an 'expert in developer tools.' That kind of inflated language doesn't really tell your employer much about your skills."

Fremont-Smith recommends carefully personalizing your cover letter to the employer and listing the most relevant of skills for the job you want, and why you want it. "The cover letter is the place to tell your story about why it is that you're the right person for the company," she says. "It's about really crafting a narrative that answers the question of why the employer should talk to you."

8. Wrong Company Name/Wrong Cover Letter

Talk about mistakes that are easy to avoid.

"The biggest mistake I see on a regular basis is that candidates either misspell the name of the company or get the name wrong," says Gary Hewing of Houston-based Bert Martinez Communications LLC. "If it's a small misspelling like 'Burt' instead of 'Bert', I'd be willing to overlook that. But the big, unforgivable mistake is when someone copies and pastes a cover letter without the name or address to the correct company. That, to me, is someone who's lazy and not paying attention."

Hewing says sometimes it's hard to tell if a cover letter was meant for a particular job, even if the candidate got the company name and position right, if they talk about disconnected experience without explaining themselves.

"We're a sales organization, but at least twice a month, we'll get a cover letter with someone talking about their banking background instead of sales," says Hewing. "It's a complete disconnect to the job description and it doesn't even explain if the candidate is seeking a career change. It tells me that they're just not paying attention."

9. Cultural Preferences

Job hunting is often compared to dating: It's about finding the right match; and success hinges on staying cool under pressure and masking anxieties to appear confident instead of desperate. But a few candidates take the dating analogy too far, subjecting hiring managers to long lists of personal likes and dislikes in cover letters.

"This one guy wrote the first part of his cover letter talking about his interests like it was an ad for an online dating site," Olson of Paradigm Staffing says, about an applicant trying for a PR job. "He likes all types of music, but 'never got into country.'"

While potentially charming to a possible mate, those tidbits are not helpful in a cover letter.

10. Jokes

Breaking the ice with humor isn't necessarily a bad idea, but jokes in cover letters are usually a turn-off for busy employers, say recruiters. It might be better to save them for the interview, if they are to be used at all. Olson recalled a candidate for a communications executive position who rubbed an employer the wrong way with an off-color joke.

"She decided in her interview, for some reason, to compare kids to Nazis," says Olson. "She thought she was being funny, but the interviewer happened to be Jewish and didn't think she was very funny."

Recruiters agree that it's best to stick with tried-and-true unfunny, but effective conventional pitches about your education and work experience.

"The thing with trying to be chummy and funny is that you lose credibility," says Gurney of "It looks desperate. And the worst thing you can do in job-seeking is looking desperate or needy."

Write to Sindhu Sundar here.

Toll barriers on National Highways

Toll Barriers on National Highways
There are 268 toll barriers on National Highways in the country and the revenue collection on these toll barriers during the last three years is Rs.2699.83 crore (2008-2009); Rs. 4151.31 crore (2009-2010) and Rs. 5516.05 crore (2010-2011) respectively.

Traffic flow across toll barriers is regulated by way of clear demarcation of lanes approaching the toll plaza, provision of traffic marshals, provision of tag lanes for rapid clearance of vehicles, reduction of processing time by toll collectors etc.

Complaints of general nature are received from time to time in various offices of NHAI across the country. As and when complaints are received, prompt action is taken to investigate the same and take corrective action, if required.

As per National Highways (Fees for the use of National Highways Section and Permanent Bridge - Public Funded Project) Rules 1997 applicable for Public Funded Projects “ Toll collection shall be done only at one place within a distance of 80 Kms. from a point at the beginning of first National Highways Section or approach of entry of the first permanent bridge to be crossed under the jurisdiction of the same executing agency, regardless of number of projects falling within the length in order to facilitate free and unhindered movement of traffic. Where it is not feasible to do so, the number of collection point shall be kept minimum and shall be decided with the approval of Central Government.

As per National Highways ( collection of fees by any person for the use of section of National Highways / Permanent Bridge/ Temporary Bridge on National Highways) Rules 1997, applicable for BOT projects, there is no such condition regarding distance between two fee plazas .

As per National Highways Fee (Determination of Rates and Collection) Rules 2008 any other toll plaza on the same section of National Highway and in the same direction shall not be established within a distance of sixty Kms.

Provided that where the executing authority deems necessary, it may, for reasons to be recorded in writing, establish or allow the concessionaire to establish another toll plaza within a distance of sixty Kms.

Provided further that a toll plaza may be established within a distance of sixty Kms. from another toll plaza if such toll plaza is for collection of fee for a permanent bridge, bypass or tunnel”.

This information was given by the Minister of State of Road Transport and Highways, Shri Jitin Prasada, in a written reply in Lok Sabha today.

While it may be a good source of revenue, the amount of time and fuel that is wasted is tremendous.
Many Fleet Operators and Logistics firms use GPS now for journey planning and management. MORTH should take the combined toll from them at Entry or Exit points only and try and set up an EDI like link ( used by Customs) to take these payments at one go and stop wasting the transit time.

I’ll Sue You Right Back - GraphJam: Music and Pop Culture in Charts and Graphs. Let us explain them.

Have Fun • Do Good: 20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger

20 Ways to Be a Generous Blogger

“[A] gift is something that is given. You don’t own it. The world does. The world is asking you to use it. You don’t get to say no, no matter how much you may want to.”

Friday is Have Fun, Do Good's 6th anniversary, and my 42nd birthday.  After six years of blogging, and teaching others how to blog, I've been playing around with the idea of what it means to be a "generous blogger."
 The generous blogger . . .
  1. Sees her blog as a way to serve.
  2. Commits to sharing her gifts and talents through her blog regularly.
  3. Writes posts that are of service to her reader.
  4. Uses her blog stats to figure out how she can create more posts of value for her reader.
  5. Writes posts that make her heart sing.
  6. Is mindful of her time online.
  7. Is mindful of her reader’s time online.
  8. Reads other blogs as often as she would like to be read.
  9. Loves her blog just as it is, and doesn't compare it with other blogs.
  10. Is grateful for her readers no matter how many, or few there are.
  11. Appreciates other blogs as they are, and doesn’t judge.
  12. Mentors new bloggers.
  13. Practices "link love" weekly.
  14. Leaves love notes in other blogs’ comments.
  15. Shines a spotlight on other people's work through interviews, profiles, guest posts, and mentions.
  16. Writes about others as she would like to written about.
  17. Makes it easy for readers to subscribe to her blog.
  18. Makes it easy for readers to share her posts with other people who might need them.
  19. Understands that marketing is also a form of service. It helps people who need her blog to find it.
  20. Knows how much to give, to receive, and to keep for herself. 
What do you think it means to be a generous blogger? Why, or why isn't it important to be generous online?

Ministry-wise PIB Releases.

 Ministry-wise PIB releases

Monday, 29 August 2011

In PHOTOS: Lord Ganesh is back - News

This idol of Lord Ganesh, made from 150kg of betelnut, is housed at the Makba Chawl Ganesh Mandal at Byculla West

Lord Ganesha will arrive to a rousing welcome on September 1, heralding the beginning of the ten-day-long Ganeshotsav. We bring you snapshots of the many forms of the elephant-headed deity.

Will you be bringing Lord Ganpati home? Or does your family or neighbours have a wonderful Ganesha mandap up? Have your perhaps seen a beautiful Ganpati in your town or in someone's home? Please take a photograph of your special Ganpati, scan it, tell us where your Ganpati is located and any further details. Or take a video of  your special Ganpati and send it to us with details of his location.

The Anna Hazare report card: Heroes and villains - DNA

Sri Sri Ravishankar
The spiritual guru was on a direct line with the Prime Minister and L K Advani and steered the agitation with great dexterity. His followers acted as organisers, rabble rousers and powerful gate keepers, allowing and denying access strategically. If his role is any indication of things to come, he is in many ways an emerging power centre in New Delhi.

Concept iPhone 5 with laser keyboard & holographic display. | TECHPLUGGED

Expectations are sky high as iPhone 5 is slated for early October launch this year. Geeks ,tech enthusiast and Apple iPhone fans have come up with their predictions for the next iPhone .Chinese clone market has already launched their version of next iPhone well in advance than the official launch of the iPhone 5. aatmastudio a startup animation and digital content specialization has showcased their animation skills by launching a video of a next concept iPhone 5 which is sleeker than the existing models and comes with a laser keyboard and a holographic display(only seen in Hollywood movies till date).The video has attained its objective of being viral and showcasing the talent a startup company (aatmastudio) has and the much needed branding a startup company requires. The video is #4 in YouTube trends chart in US .Watch the video and share your thoughts will it ever become a reality at least in the next 5 years ?

PHOTOS: 3 days of rain takes its toll on Mumbai - News

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A local train runs slow on a submerged track at the central line

Sunday, 28 August 2011

Anna's 13-day-long fast leaves doctors baffled

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google_ad_client = "pub-7641565019577886"; /* 468x60, created 3/6/09 */ google_ad_slot = "8438645248"; google_ad_width = 640; google_ad_height = 70; google_max_num_ads = 1; google_ad_type = 'text'; google_ad_output = 'js'; //-->

New Delhi:  Anna Hazare's remarkable 13 day hunger-strike ended with a glass of water and honey, and yet, the 74-year-old anti-corruption activist managed to address the crowds at Ramlila Maidan with huge gusto. "You don't become Anna by wearing the Anna topi...You become Anna by practicing my principles," Anna exhorted the thousands of supporters.

Anna's longest ever fast has left the medical community baffled. They are unable to explain his survival, supposedly, only on several litres of plain water. Dr Naresh Trehan, who along with 36 other doctors, has been monitoring Anna Hazare, said the Gandhian has remarkable control over his body and that his will has kept Anna going.

"His own will, his own shakti, which he describes as brahmachari shakti, and he has remarkable control over his body, he has made it...He has been able to maintain balance so medical science may not be able to fully understand it, but like he explained it is brahmachari shakti and truly he has managed to live on his reserves and he has paid a price for it as he has lost 7.5 kilograms," said Dr Naresh Trehan. (Watch: Anna's will kept him going, says Dr Trehan)

Taking everybody by surprise, Anna prolonged breaking his fast by more than 12 hours even after the Parliament agreed to the three basic conditions. But was he really surviving only on water or was he taking water laced with glucose, questions were raised in the Parliament on Saturday.

When asked if Mr Hazare was taking some kinds of electrolytes, Dr Trehan said, "I don't think that's true. People cannot accept things which they do not understand, I have no idea and I don't think so, in my opinion there is no indication that he was on electrolytes."

Mr Hazare is currently at the Medanta Medicity Hospital in Gurgaon where his liver and kidney are being monitored. Doctors expect him to be there for a couple of days.

Lokpal Journal: Reasons to Be Grateful to Anna Hazare - India Real Time - WSJ

Thank you Team Anna.

European Pressphoto Agency
Supporters of Anna Hazare celebrated the end of his fast in New Delhi, Sunday.

Thank you for uniting and inspiring a nation. There may have been only tens of thousands at the Ramlila grounds but it’s undeniable that you caught the attention of the nation. Not just the middle class, but all classes. Talk to any man or woman on the street and there is a strong chance that they supported you.

Thank you for keeping the issue of corruption front and center. The Lokpal may not solve everything but you have changed the nature of the debate. The nation is frustrated with corruption in all forms, from the daily bribes to the unfathomable losses to the exchequer.

Somehow, at least for a fortnight, many have believed there is a chance for change. There is no magic bullet but it is something. Whatever it is, we have more than we did two weeks ago.

Thank you for showing the power of democracy. A few armchair intellectuals argued that you subverted the democratic process. Wrong. You showed the power of the democratic process.  You led a peaceful, nonviolent movement. The right to assembly, the right to free speech and expression, are enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of India. You did not subvert the democratic process; instead you showed the beauty of it.

In India, we are fortunate to be able to speak freely and gather without fear. Change happens at the ballot box but it can also happen outside of it, in democratic movements. Thank you for showing us that this is possible.

Thank you for proving the cynics wrong. The ones who said you are holding the nation hostage. You had a goal and you met it. The cynics could go on hunger strike and see what happens. It wasn’t the hunger strike that made the movement; it was the power of a just cause.

Now comes the hard part, the process of taking the Lokpal and enacting it. The worry of many is that the Lokpal itself becomes a new Leviathan, an entity ready to feed itself at corruption’s hungry alters. Not even the most cynical opponent of yours wishes that to happen. Not even the most optimistic supporter doesn’t have a niggling worry that it might.

The nation supported the Lokpal bill, now the Lokpal must become a weapon against corruption, not another tool for the corrupt.

A nationwide tour against corrupt leaders is a great next step. We have heard both the party in power and opposition speak out against the corruption and the corrosive rot in the system. Now, ask them to clean their own houses.

Even give the corrupt an out — to own up to their corrupt ways and donate the spoils to the poor. If members of Parliament want to keep their jobs, this might just be the way for them. Otherwise, 2014 could be a clean house in more than one way.

A fortnight ago, few would have predicted this outcome. It would be heartening a year from now to see a much less corrupt India. Thank you for at least starting us along the path.

MOther Theresa Day

Did you know...

... that today is Mother Theresa Day? In 1910, Agnes Goinxha
Bejaxhiu was born in Skopje, Macedonia. When she grew up, she
entered a convent in Ireland, took the name Sister Theresa,
and later traveled as a missionary sister to India, where she
worked among the poorest of the poor.


Today's Inspirational Quote:

"Let us always meet each other with smile, for the smile is
the beginning of love."

-- Mother Teresa

SPECIAL: Why China is at America's mercy - Business

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"Okay. That's interesting. So what has been happening all along?"

"China exports, US buys. China gets the money. The money is in turn invested in US government bonds, i.e. lent to the US. The US, in turn, buys goods from China from the money that is lent, and China earns dollars in the process. These dollars are again lent to the US and so the cycle continues."

"Oh, that's a lovely I scratch your back and you scratch mine, kind of routine that has been developed," she remarked.

"Yes, it is. So that has led to China having nearly $2 trillion of their foreign exchange reserves in US dollar-based assets."

"And is that a problem?"

"Yes, it is. The total government debt of the US is now around $14.3 trillion. Other than China, the other big debtors of the US are Japan, Saudi Arabia, etc. And the US government wants to raise more debt. On August 2, 2011, the United States passed a law which allowed it to increase the debt level of the government by $2.4 trillion from the current level of $14.3 trillion. With this the debt to gross domestic product ratio of the US is almost 100 per cent now."

Hurricane Irene churns its way north; 8 dead -

Hurricane Irene satellite
Hurricane Irene, a ferocious and slow-moving storm, smashed into North Carolina on Saturday morning, then slowly swirled its way up the Eastern Seaboard, flooding low-lying areas, knocking out power to as many as 1 million customers and forcing the densely populated regions of Philadelphia, Washington, D.C., and New York City to take unprecedented steps as they braced for impact.

At least eight people are known to have died as a result of the storm in North Carolina, Virginia and Florida. 

The Hindu : Columns / Sevanti Ninan : Media Matters: The people multiplier

Was the “second freedom movement” enabled by television or mobilisation, or the man himself? The answer varied depending on which TV reporter or anchor you spoke to at the Ramlila Maidan.

“We've become Anna's PR agency,” smiled a young woman from an enthusiastic English news channel. Another reporter, who had stayed with covering the Lok Pal Bill movement in the months between the two fasts, said the India Against Corruption people had been doing steady mobilisation across the country in the interim, which enabled the momentum visible over the last two weeks, and that the strategic support solicited from spiritual leaders like Sri Sri Ravi Shankar early on, had certainly helped. Art of Living volunteers were visible across the maidan.


The rise of the leader Anna Hazare - India News - IBNLive

India has a new youth icon, a 74-year old man, who has charged citizens across the country. From Tihar Jail to Ramlila Maidan, Anna Hazare has emerged as a leader who egged on an entire nation to support him in his fight against corruption.

The former army man appeared on the national canvas in April this year, when he went on an indefinite fast at Delhi's Jantar Mantar to implement a strong anti-corruption bill. That fast lasted for only four days, but it tapped into the collective conscience of a nation. Middle India rose as one, and leading them was an unlikely leader, Kisan Baburao Hazare.

This time around, the Anna is riding the crest of a wave of people power. The government fuelled his popularity by arresting him before he went on his second fast.

India has a new youth icon, a 74-year old man, who has charged citizens across the country.

Even from inside Tihar, he connected and thousands of ordinary Indians rallied with him in this unprecedented fight against corruption.

When he stepped out of the prison gates on August 19th, the pictures from across Delhi silenced many Anna critics.

Operation Ramlila Maidan had begun. Over the next few days, the sight of the man started becoming frailer, but more vociferous, egged on an entire nation.

As the government watched helplessly, support for Anna continued to grow, with voices cheering him on even as he hammered out one ultimatum after the other to the government.

Anna Hazare has won this round and has lit the imagination of the country yet again. It has heralded the arrival of an icon, a man who had promised those cheering him on that he would fight, not for himself, but for the entire country and Anna stood by that promise.

EXPLAINED: How our MPs took Team Anna for a ride - News

At Ramlila Maidan
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His supporters might claim that it was their strategy to put forward the maximum demands possible at the very beginning so that the government would be forced to concede to at least lesser demands.

But did Hazare or his team get anything substantial from the government? The answer is no.
We must hasten to add that Hazare, personally, has been successful. He has emerged as a symbol of people's aspirations. He has made people talk about corruption. He has attracted the youth and the middle class. He has kept the agitation non-violent. He has gone without food for days at such an advanced age for the sake of the ordinary men and women of India. It's a huge ethical victory for him, but not a comprehensive one.

In this Team Anna versus Parliament tussle, Parliamentarians have registered a considerable victory. They got united and they acted cleverly to save the 'system'.

Saturday, 27 August 2011

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Take back your strings - Chris Brogan Newsletter" target="_blank" style="color: #888888; font-size: 22px; font-family: Arial, Helvetica, sans-serif; text-decoration: none;">Take Back Your Strings - [] 

Take Back Your Strings

Posted: 26 Aug 2011 01:30 AM PDT

Dance with the Devil

Twice in the same week, someone wrote the word “disappointed” with regards to their feelings about me.

For the past 30 or so years, those words (and many others) have pushed me into terrible depression. In reasonably sane people, you’d probably allow only a few people’s disappointment to let you feel this way. Maybe your mom’s utterance of that phrase (and many others) would send you into that depression. Maybe your spouse.

With me, however, I would let anyone use the words and their impact would take me down. Whoever wanted to pick up my puppet strings and alter my feelings, I’d surrender that power unto them. Not consciously, mind you, but I was always trying my best to please whoever it was who came in contact with me. All the time, I was seeking to avoid that worry of disappointing people.


We Give Others Our Strings

Now that I’ve been working so hard on figuring myself out, I’ve realized that I was running around, giving other people the strings so that they could pull me in plenty of directions. None of those people were bad. Heck, several didn’t even realize that I’d tied my strings to them. Other times, I most certainly tangled my strings around someone, thinking that maybe I’d avoid disappointing someone if I could just be whatever it was I thought they might need.

But that’s all me. I gave away my strings. I tried tying them to anyone walking by. All me.


Take Back Your Strings

The only way to bring yourself to a better functionality is to take back your strings. This requires a lot of work, for some, and just a little bit of work, for others. It also requires acknowledging that we’ve given our strings to other people.

We give our bosses our strings when we worry that our actions will cost us our jobs. If we had our own strings, we’d just do the job the way we wanted to do it, and we’d hope to accomplish the goals our jobs held for us. We’d be open to learning, but we’d move our own puppets around instead of letting other people’s moods and thoughts direct us.

We give our loved ones our strings all the time. “I’d be a better writer, if only he supported me.” “I’m trying to get more healthy, but he keeps bringing home Kentucky Fried Chicken.” Really? These other people have all this power over us? We’ve given them the ability to decide our actions and outcomes? Wow!

So, take back your strings. Agree that you’ll move your little puppet self around through life. If you’re religious, and you don’t trust yourself with your own strings, give them to God (however you see that), but don’t give those strings to humans (even those who work for God). If you’re Buddhist, you work your own strings. I can’t speak for most of the other religions.



The two people who were disappointed in me had their reasons to be disappointed. In both cases, I’d chosen to do something that was counter to what they wanted me to do. Lately, I’ve been doing a lot of disappointing. I don’t mean to hurt anyone; instead, I’m working on taking my strings back, and doing the things that I think will grow me, and grow my capabilities to help others.

To really accept that the term “disappointed” is pretty much synonymous with “you’re not doing what I want you to do” gave me a whole new sense of joy. Because those disappointments aren’t mine. They relate to someone putting their expectations on me. I don’t own that. Those aren’t my strings.

And now that I have my strings back (at least most of them), I’m working hard on writing my own damned puppet show. How about you? Who has your strings? Are you ready to get them back?






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