Monday, 8 August 2011

Kareena Kapoor's desi avatar in Madame Tussauds : Celebrities: India Today

Kareena Kapoor in Chameli
Kareena Kapoor in Chameli
Kareena Kapoor is trying hard to clarify that it will not be her Chameli look at the Madam Tussaud's museum. The buzz doing rounds is that her wax statue would have Kareena in her Chameli getup. But, she wants her statue to be in her desi avatar.

Kareena is expected to fly to London to unveil her statue in the famous Madame Tussauds Wax Museum. There are speculations and curiosity regarding what her statue would look like.

Initially it was said Kareena's favourite designer Manish Malhotra will give her a red and blue saree like the one which she wore in her film Chameli. However, recently Kareena denied the buzz, saying it is not going to be a Chameli look for her. She said it will be something interesting and would be a big surprise for her fans.

According to our industry insider, Manish has thought of three different looks for Bebo, out of which Kareena and the Museum authorities will choose one. It is also said that there is a possibility that out of the three Kareena may opt for the desi look.

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