Wednesday, 10 August 2011

London riots: Asians live in fear - News

A publican boards up his pub in central London
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Any person wearing a hood is enough to petrify shopkeepers. "We are worried. I have been living in London since 1977 but I have not seen such riots. It's stunning. While I am talking to you from Ealing, London, I see Selfridges in Manchester in flames on the TV screen, said Patel.

"We have closed our shops for precautionary reasons. In most areas police came to tell our community people to pull down the shutters. It's scary," she added.

The Britishers of Indian origin have more reason to worry because large number of them own shops. "Many of us believe that police is ill-equipped to handle rowdy crowds," Patel said.

Some believe that the riots started after tensions between black people and the police in Tottenham area, and it's not about politics or religion. People are worried because the government is already reeling under huge debt and now shops and factories are shut down after 2 pm fearing rioters.

The riots were triggered when 29-year-old Mark Duggan, who was carrying a handgun, was gunned down by police. There is an on-going debate on whether Duggan's handgun was capable of firing or not. The forensic tests have not yet arrived, which can establish whether Duggan fired his weapon at all during the attempted arrest on Thursday evening.

His family members have condemned the riots. Some reports suggested that Duggan's family was not heard by the police soon after the death. It's believed that, "the lack of contact from the police in delivering news of his death to Duggan's parents" had triggered the people's ire against police.

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