Friday, 28 October 2011

Everest Base Camp & Island Peak Expedition Success - Nick Farr at Trek Climb Ski

Oct 27 / 9:49pm

Everest Base Camp & Island Peak Expedition Success

News just in from our Everest Base Camp and Island Peak expedition and they too have enjoyed a successful trek to Everest Base Camp and climb of Island Peak. Well done to Tui, Peter, Kirsten, Tika and Dor on a great result. No photos as yet but I'll post some images through as soon as the team send me some! A few images below from a recent Trek Climb Ski expedition to Island Peak so you can appreciate what they've just achieved. Congratulations again to Tika and the crew and that rounds us out with a 100% success rate for all our 2011 trekking and climbing expeditions in Nepal. Visit our website to learn about our range of trekking in Nepal and climbing in Nepal adventures for all ages and abilities.

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