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Friday, 14 October 2011

Indo-China War in the Offing?

Bangalore: The recent competition between India and China has now moved to Sea. If the latest tensions between the two countries are an indication, oceans might become the fu

ture battle ground for one of the biggest wars in history that could even lead to World War 3, as the battle for seas includes many nations. Chinese Communist Party-run Global Times had last month called on Beijing to declare war on Vietnam and Philippines, two countries that have been proactive in defending their claims over the mineral rich islets in South China Sea. Another possible trigger for the war cry was India's rejection of Chinese objections to its agreements to explore oil in Vietnamese waters, in partnership with Vietnam. India's 'oil provocations' against China was completed yesterday as India and Vietnam decided to go ahead with the pact for oil exploration in South China Sea. China on the other hand has been increasingly expanding its base in the Indian Ocean.

I hate Wars. I had experienced the '62 Chinese invasion as a kid and the memory is still fresh.

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