Friday, 21 October 2011

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October 2011

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Workplace detectives wanted!

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Katrina Tuliao

All the clamour around corruption has been limited to the bureaucracy and the public sector. It’s time to review corruption in the private sector with growing trans-national businesses and investments. To make businesses more sustainable and ethical, requests everyone to take a stand and report instances of corruption and bribery in the corporate sector.
Report your bribe story today.
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In a compendium of case studies from South Asia, OneWorld Foundation India in collaboration with the World Bank Institute, has rated among the TOP 5 technology innovations. This recognises as a platform for citizen participation in fighting corruption in India.
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The KPMG survey: India Inc's trade secrets now revealed

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Alt N Anela

A lot of discussion around corruption and its impact on democracy and governance has been generated so far. However, there has been a long standing silence with regard to its impact on the Indian economy. To examine the impact of corruption on businesses, KPMG (India) conducted a survey with some leading corporate houses to understand and evaluate their perspectives on the issue.
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The Congress is afraid of ‘Anna’s politics’?

Team Anna recently announced its decision to campaign against the Congress candidate in Hisar but the question is, does this reflect pressure politics? While making an electoral pitch on behalf of a party is an individual’s right, does this justify civil society activists’ constantly targeting just one party - the Congress?.
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Angry birds: Citizens speak up

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Air Vice Marshal(Retd) S Krishnaswamy, AVSM, talks about Lokpal Bill and its efficacy in eliminating corruption. Having extensively worked with the official machinery, he explores the dynamics of corruption and in the process discusses the need for parallel reforms.
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Integrity plummets down south:Bribe Report analysis

This week, on, we received 14,484 bribe reports amounting to a whopping Rs 497,788,416! Take a look at the bribe patterns and corruption trends down south in the states of Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Tamilnadu. Between August 11 and October 11, 2011, a total of 637 bribes have been reported in Bangalore, making it the most corrupt city on our website. Hyderabad occupies the second position with 209 bribes bring reported, followed by Chennai collected 138 bribe reports. While the police department tops the bribe meter in all the three cities, the passport office in Hyderabad emerges as the most corrupt. What are the corruption dynamics between other civic departments in these cities? Do you have a Bribe Story to share?
Add your report now: and help us advocate with the government for a systemic change.



Chinese whispers: Bribe victims tell all

Online applications. Offline tensions.

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"The other day, I read a newspaper snippet that claimed proudly that the entire process of receiving/renewing one’s passport would now become more transparent and hassle-free what with the entire process moving online. After reading this, I applied online for my passport renewal but little did I know".
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Un-accustomed to our Customs?

"I landed at the Bangalore airport from Minneapolis. While checking out, the customs officer insisted that laptops are not allowed to be carried, and insisted on a customs duty".
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Thank you, Team

Mission Statement: Janaagraha , a not-for-profit organisation works towards improving the quality of life in urban India through citizen participatioin. is its anti-corruption initiative. It aims to harness the collective energy of citizens by crowdsourcing reports of bribery. Using these reports it advocates with the government to reduce the scope of corruption in their systems.

We value you suggestions and feedback. You can write to us at

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