Friday, 2 December 2011

India 5th Most Vacation Deprived Country

Bangalore: A vacation or a holiday is a trip especially for the purpose of rejuvenation. But this notion of breaking down from work is seemingly vanishing. A study conducted by Harris Interactive on behalf of, which is a leading online travel agency reveals the countries that are deprived of vacations. The study was conducted in North America, Europe, Asia, South America and Australia, among 7,803 employed adults in September and October 2011. It revealed about who gets how many holidays and how they use them or waste rather and also their view-points towards a holiday trip. The top ten vacation deprived countries among them are as follows:

1. Japan:

Japan tops among all as a most deprived country. Nearly 55 percent of the holidays provided to them are unused. Financial status is the most important reason for not planning a holiday, along with their work life. 50 percent of the Japanese people postpone their holidays because of their work. They can’t leave their work behind. Japanese workers remains firmly connected to the office while on vacation, as 20 percent of them regularly keep an eye on their inbox to check their e-mails as they can’t leave work behind, which is the highest among all other countries. 25 percent of them have not travelled more than a year.

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