A friend shared this wonderful graphic with me on Facebook.
Seemingly, it tells us the pattern of a Man's shopping pattern vis a vis a Woman's ! Makes one laugh :) No ?
On a Serious note, I avoid going for shopping with my wife unless I have to shop for myself and the things I wish to buy need her approval ( to avoid any future adverse comments later :) ) Or for White goods where her approval is a must like my Credit Card is a Must !
My wife is a great bargainer and likes to haggle for price and therefore chooses particular markets which allow this 'buyer-seller marketplace - High Pitch/ High Drama' dialogue. This is unfortunately not possible on the Internet eCommerce websites ! :) There all you can complain is about a. Delay b. High courier charges. c. Quality d. Seller communications and either ask for refund or write a Good, Bad or Ugly rating between 1-5 stars which no one really cares about.
Plus, I now can take refuge under my health issues and altogether avoid going out to Malls citing reasons which my family understands. Sometimes, though, it becomes avoidable as we club the dinner at a Mall Restaurant or rarely a Movie in the Multiplexes.
Personally, I prefer eCommerce and have preferred it for years now. I also have a pattern as I look at this interesting graphic. I like to keep several shopping websites' tabs open at the same time with same item search. I don't get distracted by combination offers or similar products on offers etc. diversions clever eComm websites create when they don't have the desired product/s. I then make a decision with one of them to either click the Add to wish list or buy and wait for the product to arrive.
The more I look at this pic - the more I realise that why the Sales People in the shops throng to me and do not allow me independence to shop at will unobtrusively ! I intend to some day send them scurrying along with my wife and get dead tired with her shopping pattern which is quite similar to the one shown here.
On a serious note, What do the marketers like to Measure? The Foot Falls? I have seen security guards ( doubling as market researchers) punching a number each time a visitor walks in into a handheld instrument. But, the real Measure would be in measuring the 'Feet-Drag" - Kilometers/Minutes/ Hours per successful sale isn't it? Balanced Scorecards teach us to choose the Right Measures and till recently I was not looking at the Kilometers my Walking shoes I walked with - till 3 years ago, I got the Nike Apps on my iPHone and began measuring Kilometers before retiring the shoes. Once I got this measure - I began shopping for Right shoes which walk with me for minimum 800 Kilometers - No Less before I retire them due to wear and tear.
What would be the Right Measure for measuring the Shopper's habits - by counting footfalls or Feet-Drag patterns ?
What do you think.