Local Circles is a great online initiative to have a indirect dialogue with the Government of the day. I joined them a few months ago and found their interactions great.
Recently I received this email.

"Making it Better for Senior Citizens - Key Issues
Dear Friends,
This subject is focused on improving Life of our Senior Citizens in India through actions from Government and Civil Society.
With this post, we would like to request all the Issues that Senior Citizens face in India.
Once we know all the Issues, we will review Root Causes and Solutions through separate posts and compile our whitepaper for submission to the Government and other relevant stakeholders
who can play a role in executing recommended actions to Make Life Better for Senior Citizens in India. "
I look forward to your inputs!
Rajendra Pratap Gupta"
Here is my response:
I did post about this a petition to the PM on this very forum - may be you could look it up.
Second, The issue is about linking Retirement Age and Senior Citizenship. Both are matters very very fluid and have no clarity. The Retirement Age varies between 55, 58, 60, 62( wish extension etc. etc.) and the corresponding Senior Citizen Age leaves a gap.
Third, The Senior Citizen Age and Benefits - who is the owner? Centre or State? In some states this Age is defined as 60 while the Centre's own departments like Railways and Airlines have this at 60,62 and 65 - which is highly confusing.
While it is good for Modiji to talk about 2000 Million youth but he does forget about the 18.3% Population of Aged which does have some influence on its voters. It is a different matter that many may not be alive to vote for him in 2019 and therefore his government never talks about them and does not formulate policies.
If mundane subjects like Ayurveda and Yoga and Skill Development can get ministries - minorities can get ministries - why does the Government never thought of assigning a Senior Citizen minister? Who can focus by consultation about initiatives in terms of the Policies governing Senior Citizens about TAxation, Travel, Healthcare, Old Age Home, Skilling to make them either find work or become entrepreneurs.
Sad part is that many of the Policy maker MPs are in that Age group but they couldn't care as they are Crorepatis.
Good Mr. Gupta that you took this point on board for local circles and I am sure if there are SEnior citizens alive and kicking on this forum they would surely like to kick ass of this government which is doing nothing for them.