I have chosen a childhood hobby which I could not pursue - Drawing and Painting and I feel happy.
God has blessed us with Different Senses. In my case, I feel that the 'Touch' and 'Feel' sense using the Fingers is more pronounced. In my childhood, as a skill I learnt to play Flute in a Band. Learnt English Typewriting where there were no TV type Typewriters ( PCs and LapTops :) ). I found touch with my bike and the Accelerator control on my Vespa, Yezdi or Royal Enfield Bullet to win Scooter Endurance Rallies or the 500/ 1000 Mile Endurance Test Motorbike Rallies. Touch was most pronounced.
You may similarly view the Strength of your own Senses and see which is the one you find most pronounced, strong ! Then Do more with what makes you Happy !
I also found the below Cartoon Quote very inspiring and reproducing it for your reading pleasure.
It was a great day - I am blessed with over 6000 followers now and nearly 5000 connections and some regular readers today. Today, we entered 36th Year of our married life and just feel that may be, we should have used other senses we are blessed with for Humanity ! Amen !