I wish to apologise to all my connections and followers as I goofed up. Not once but Twice in 2015. And in order to resolve - I am offering apology and also going to follow my oft followed Management Strategy of 'Shrink to Grow' to manage my list of connections. But more about this in the last para.
As the Network of my professional connections gradually crossed 5k mark this year after over 10 years on Linkedin, I just forgot to Send New Year Wishes or Call or eMail those whom I interacted with frequently in 2014 over messages, emails, Phone or Skype calls. I must say my sincere apologies to them.
I recall in one of our groups on Ecademy Network, years ago, we had a great debate about the Quality of Connections or the Quantity of Connections and I stood for the first one. Simply because, it gave both an opportunity to test and Taste, Gauge and judge over a period of time whether the connection would continue or would be merely a contact in our address book. I think, over 10 years of networking - somewhere my resolve about Quality got diluted and I kept accepting several hundred connection requests - many of whom never exchanged any form of communication.
I am not rationalising, and I wish to tell my friends whom I have missed personally wishing for the new year - my sincere apologies and please treat this at my belated Best wishes to you and families.
This brings me to my Second Goof up. I rather foolishly gave permission to Linkedin to access my address book of Gmail, yahoo and msn.com and it sent several invitations on my behalf - including 'several reminders' ( according to some of my close connections) which they did not appreciate one bit.
Many of us have opened several emails and interacted from different email id's with each other and by not checking the Gmail settings about contacts - they get added into our contacts lists. So when we give access to Facebook, Twitter or Linkedin or any other social media to our address book - the result is likely to be unpleasant with several invitations to connect to the same old/ close connections who are likely to treat these as 'spam' and a breach of privacy.
So my apologies again to all those who received such unintended invitations. This of course, led to Linkedin customer service blocking me from inviting people further as my mailbox is overflowing with the sent invitations which takes time to clean up.
Doing management for several years - I therefore decided now to follow a Strategy from 1st February which I have used during my work life - 'Shrink to Grow'. Which simply means I am going to individually remove few connections
1 Those who never exchanged as much as a message.
2. Those who never acknowledged Birthday, Anniversary or other appreciative messages.
3. Those who never Recommended or Endorsed me or reciprocated.
My apologies to all those who will be thus removed. And No, it will be deliberate so it won't be termed as a Goof-Up.
Suggestions are welcome.