capital gain


Profit realized from the sale (disposal) of a capital asset, or from holding it during aperiod when its market value is increasing. Such gains usually attract capital gains tax.

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  • After purchasing a real estate property to flip, the developer posted a largecapital gain after selling the property for a much higher price than the original purchase price.
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An employee of a bankbrokerageadvisor, or mutual fund who studiescompaniesand makes buy and sell recommendations, often specializing in asingle sector orindustry. Analysts use a wide variety of techniques forresearching and makingrecommendations. The reports and recommendations they publish are often used by tradersmutual fundmanagersportfolio managers and investors in their
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Many investors and traders use the reports that analysts produce before making any investing decisions.

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"The IPO market is never in equilibrium. It's either too hot or too cold. Buy in the cold periods." 
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