What is "in dribs and drabs" ?

  • in small portions = bit by bit.
  • e.g. I'll have to pay you what I owe you in dribs and drabs.
  • e.g.The whole story is being revealed in dribs and drabs.
  • e.g. in dribs and drabs small amounts few time.
  • e.g. We could only afford to pay the builder in dribs and drabs.
  • e.g. The hostages have been released in dribs and drabs.
  • e.g. in dribs and drabs = small amounts.
  • e.g. She says she keeps getting information in dribs and drabs.
The question I ask is whether it is prudent to Reveal the Strategy in Dribs and Drabs or it should be revealed in:
1. Full - to a very small number of people who 'Need to know'. Or
2. In Silo - that is - Each function and person knows only a part which is relevant to him or their function? Or
3. Not at all - Just release it in small doses at appropriate stages of the Plan. This condition pre-supposes that there exists an Operating Plan for a Period ( usually one year) and a linkage to a broad strategy is explained to the Implementing Team.
What is it that you think? Is there another way?
I was speaking to a Learned Strategist and Mentor and he once said to me - Strategy is not changed often like a Plan. Plans undergo changes periodically depending upon the Situational Analysis but Strategy once set Remains. This was a trigger for me to ask the question - Should Strategy be revealed in Full, In Silo, Not at all or in Dribs and drabs.