I just read this article today. I knew it can only happen in India ! It is also the birthright and Exclusive from the New Ruling Party in New Delhi - Aam Aadmi Party ! :)
Headline of this FAKE website shouted : "Finally, Modi Government gets the support of its bitter Opposition for his 'Make in India' Campaign ! ( It may not get it for the passage of the Reformist bills though ! :) )
Some Un-Real News First followed by some Real web news -
  • Ruling Party in Delhi supports the idea of making and marketing SpyCams in SEZ in Delhi. It believes that it is Business of the Government to be in Business in order to fulfill its ambition of Free WiFi, Free Water and Free Electricity :)
  • Supports the cause of Skill Development 'STARS III' training program for unemployed Youth with a subsidy of Rs. 10000 each and a free training program, certificate and a job in #SpycamSena in New Delhi.
  • China responds in the WTO against the 'Unfair Playing Ground' for its Spycam manufacturers and deploys 150 Million Cameras across North and North-East borders with India.
  • The The Arvind Kejriwal-led Delhi government is all set to launch an anti-corruption app which will turn your smartphone into a handy spy cam to conduct sting operations on officials demanding bribes, sources said. Sources said that the app, likely to be launched next week by the chief minister, will directly upload any recording done through it onto a government server to which it will be linked. The launch of the smartphone application is a part of the Aam Aadmi Party (AAP) government’s efforts to revamp an anti-corruption helpline it had launched during its earlier 49-day stint. According to a senior government official, while people were able to conduct sting operations on their own and send the recordings to the helpline for action, many complained they were caught while filming acts of bribery and lost the recordings as their phones were confiscated. The app would take care of this concern as recordings would be directly transferred to the government server. “Even if people are caught conducting a sting operation using our app, the recording will be safe as it will get transferred to the government server, which will be monitored by the anti-corruption branch,” said a senior government official. Deputy chief minister Manish Sisodia, who heads the vigilance department, told HT that staff strength would be boosted to ensure more anti-corruption raids. “Apart from the existing helpline, we will use technology-oriented services to ensure people can send in their complaints to us,” he said. In AAP’s earlier stint, the anti-corruption helpline (011-27357169) received 10,000 calls on an average every day following which the government launched another four-digit helpline (1031) where people could send in recordings of sting operations conducted by them.
  • The BJP and Congress Presidents responded by announcing their Ombudsman to receive Whistleblowers complaints with 'guarantee of immunity' for complaints against its Office bearers, MP, MLAs, Corporators, Municipal councillors, Ministers and also the 'Old-Age Home Pensioners ( read: favorite sycophants) occupying high offices as Governors, Committee Chairman, CMDs and NEDs in PSUs and PSU Banks.
The News delights me and it has got the focus of Anti-Corruption activitists across the world :) . They have posted their special correspondents in all Capitals of India to see whether India now passes the much-argued and hyped 'Lokpal Bill' . :)