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"Where large sums of money are concerned, it is advisable to trust nobody." 
-Agatha Christie
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Maslow's hierarchy of needs

Motivation Theory which suggests five interdependent levels of basic human needs (motivators) that must be satisfied in a strict sequence starting with the lowest level.physiological needs for survival (to stay alive and reproduce) and security (to feel safe) are the most fundamental and most pressing needs. They are followed by social needs (for love and belonging) and self-esteem needs (to ...
Term of the Day

brokerage account

customer's account at a brokerage. There are three kinds of brokerageaccounts. The most basic kind is a cash-management account, into whichinvestors placemoney in order to make trades. There must be enoughmoney in the account tocover the trade at the time of its execution (including both the price of the securityand the commission), or the investor must be able to pay for the trade...
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Usage Example
International Cycling Union honorary president Hein Verbruggen says there was no conflict of interest when he invested in a brokerage account later linked to Lance Armstrong's team owner.