Newspaper reports talked yesterday about the 'Shooting' threat by Srilankan Prime Minister to the Indian Fishermen. The War like cry received many views on Media.
I liked the article I am quoting below from a Seth Godin Newsletter which I subscribe as I find it very relevant.
* Job creation/job destruction -

For years before 1992, experts warned that the fisheries in Eastern Canada were in peril.
Industrialized fishing processes (sonar, trawlers, etc.) were pulling dramatically more cod out of the Atlantic, and the fishery was severely threatened.

Insiders ignored the warnings, shouting about job preservation instead. 35,000 workers were directly involved, with more than 100,000 people supported as a result to the fishing trade.
Jobs needed to be defended.

In 1992, the catch dropped 99%. Every single job was lost, because the entire system collapsed.

It's easy to defend the status quo, except when the very foundation you've built everything on disappears. Incrementalism ceases to be a good strategy when there's a cliff on the route.
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I turned a Strict Vegetarian about 10 years ago and for me the Moral of the article is : "What makes you happy today, may hurt you somehow. The Fish never raise a War-cry - they die and their death may be deadly for humans ! "
I hope Peace and wiser counsel prevails in the region.