I was quite disturbed to read this morning about 300 soldiers killed every year in Road Accidents in India.  India, has a dubious record of Road Accidents and fatalities for several decades.  As a Corporate, I was spearheading the Road Safety Campaign in my company and we had developed several useful partnerships but it saddens me to see the current state of affairs.
I just posted this "Having been a Road Safety Champion in my corporate life and having interacted with the MORTH Ministry, I am least surprised. For Modi Government which said Toilets come First, Temples later ( which was a great slogan and I see lot of action being taken on ground) - for the Defence, Skill Development and MORTH MInistries Road Safety, Defensive Driving, Road Safety Audits are the least priorities and it seems that Morgues, Burial Grounds, Coffins come first for them rather than including Driving in the Skill Development Councils - Focusing on the Road Safety and Defensive Driving, Getting rid of the archaic laws covering MV Act and the confusion with the authority lying with Municipal, States and Central Government. There is no focus on the tightening of the Vehicle quality controls and thousands of vehicles are recalled by automobile manufacturers who couldn't care more for the lives of Indians dying on the roads killed by their vehicles. If the Make in India slogan is to be believed as one wag told me - Road deaths and fatal accidents are likely to double/ triple in this regime who cares NOT ! This is a very sad state of affairs indeed." in TOI in frustration.
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Rate at which electronic signals can travel through a medium, such as a wire, cable, or channel. Bandwidth may be thought of as the width of the 'pipe' through whichdata travels: greater the width, larger the amount of data that can flow through it. Technically, it means the difference between two frequencies. In analogtransmission (such as of voice signals over coppertelephone lines) ...
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The IT department decided to increase the office's bandwidth when several employees complained that they could not download or upload information as quickly as they needed to every day.
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comprehensive coverage

Insurance designed to pay for the repair or replacement of the policy owner's car in the event of damage not resulting from an accident. Comprehensive coverage usually requires the payment of a deductible when a claim is made and may be required to secure a new car loan.
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Comprehensive coverage might be optimal for your business if you have several employees and own the business property.
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"The trick is to stop thinking of it as your money." 
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I leave you with your thoughts to see if there are any creative and practical solutions for Road Safety.