It was a great company to work with. It was one of the best employers in Europe and had imbibed the spirit of 'Investor in People'. The three major learning for me when I joined the company in late 90's was:
1. The toughest decision in this company is to add a 'HeadCount' !
2. The 2nd Toughest decision in this company is to propose the Capital Expenditure (CAPEX)
3. Generating 'Free Cash-flows will be the most pleasing thing for the CFO and the CEO ( who is a ex-CFO).
Well, so much for my nostalgia.  Giving below our two terms of the day:
Term of the Day

capital expenditure (CAPEX)

An amount spent to acquire or upgrade productive assets (such as buildings, machinery and equipment, vehicles) in order to increase the capacity orefficiency of a company for more than one accounting period. Also calledcapital spending.
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Usage Example
If you have to put up a big capital expenditure you must be sure that the profits will be big long term.
Being Retired living mostly on the Interest income this is a term close to my heart as a Senior citizen. I hate the RBI Governor and the FM of the country who are forever reducing the interest rates on our deposits and on the Corporate borrowers who sit on CashPiles of Reserves in India not knowing where to invest while the PM of India goes scouting for new FDI for his 'Make in India' program - isn't something drastically wrong somewhere? :)
Today's Notable Quotable is my favorite :
"The pride of dying rich raises the loudest laugh in hell." 
-John Foster

Term of the Day

interest income

The term that companies use on their income statement for reporting the interest earned on cash temporarily held in savings accountscertificates of deposits, or other investments. Because the interest wasn't part of the original investment, they record it separately, as interest income.
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Usage Example
The profit came on the back of strong interest income on both corporate and consumer banking.