Monday, 22 August 2016

#25 in CSuitism is Solipsism

“I obviously invented Solipsism”
― Dean Cavanagh
Don't worry about this ism :) It is not difficult to understand.  
This ism has also provoked intellectual thought and there are extreme views expressed about it by Scholars across the world. I am sharing in this post many of them to get the C Suite Member to understand and appreciate - 'The Other Point of View " .
Solipsistic is Defined as "Being self aware of one's own thoughts. Idea that nothing can be known or confirmed outside of one's own knowledge."
Solipsism therefore is  a (philosophy) the philosophical theory that the self is all that you know to exist,  Solipsism is the philosophical theory that what's in your mind is the only reality that can be known and verified.
Solipsism comes from the Latin words for alone (sol) and self (ipse), and means that only the self is real. In metaphysical solipsism, your mind is the only thing that's real, and everything else is just a representation. In epistemological solipsism, there might be a world outside your mind, which you could detect with your senses, but it's impossible to prove. In methodological solipsism the self is the only proper starting point for exploring the nature of reality.

“I don’t believe in solipsism, but I also believe that if I am not existing—nothing exists for me.”
― Debasish Mridha
“A good critic is trying to tell you what she has learned about herself from the reading of a particular piece of literature. A bad reviewer is often trying to tell you how smart he is by declaring whether or not he liked a particular book. If he liked the book, then this is the kind of book a superior person likes, and vice versa. He might try to explain why he didn’t like it, but the review is really just a tautology. “I didn’t like this book because it is bad,” is equivalent to “This book is bad because I didn’t like it.”
― Kevin Guilfoile
“The worst mockery God can make of a moralist is that He compels him to be a
― Kedar Joshi
I am reminded of the incident when I met a Reformed Dacoit who had spent 7 years in Open Jail and turned a farmer. As a customer of my dealer when I was introduced to him as the Company Officer whose fertilizer he likes to buy - his question was " Saheb Swaarthi hain Yaa Parmarthee" - Is this Saheb Selfish or non-selfish and Helping others.  The Solipsists will take time to fathom his philosophy though. But that's the moment of truth. 
The Key learning for the C Suite Members who go into "I, ME, MY, MINE" mode and generally believe in bragging about ME, ME, ME - they may be turning into Solipsist and following this controversial path of Solipsism - ALONE ! :) BEWARE !
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