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#7th ism is Dualism

  1. 1.the division of something conceptually into two opposed or contrasted aspects, or the state of being so divided."a dualism between man and nature"
  2. 2.the quality or condition of being dual; duality.


Any theory which distinguishes between two fundamentallydifferent things, such as good and evil,mind and matter, etc.
a. the theory that the universe has been ruled from its originsby two conflicting powers, one good and one evil, bothexisting as equally ultimate first causes
b. the theory that there are two personalities, one human andone divine, in Christ
As per Merriam Webster:

Simple Definition of dualism

  • philosophy : the idea or belief that everything has two opposite parts or principles
  • : the quality or state of having two different or opposite parts or elements

Business Dictionary Definition
Simplistic concept that all issues can be divided into either/or statessuch as good/bad, right/wrong, determinable/indeterminable.
Dualism does not recognize a continuum of values (a stretch of varying shades of gray between black and white at either ends) and cannot explain complexity.

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Usage Examples:
  1. Many philosophers recognize the mind body dualism that exists where we think we are separate from this body but we are forever intertwined.
  2. Over here on the floor we need a bin for good and bad eggs, so as you separate those that come down the belt, the dualism of this task makes for rather efficient work.
  3. When a pro baseball team hires a talented person that puts up good stats, but has bad character flaws, that presents the team with dualism.
While C-Suite Members are adept at drawing Matrices with two, three or four at times more dimensions - I have personally found Dualism very useful in different situations. For e.g. I have used:
Manner v/s Matter. Style v/s Substance.Tone v/s Tenor many times in complex situations at work and found answers. 
The good thing about this is Binary logic and no room for Fuzzy Logic or ' In between or creation of shades - like an argument in which we say " Either we Trust, or We Don't - there are no in betweens - there is no percentile while Trusting someone or otherwise'. ( These above bold italics are mine :) ) ,
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