Sunday, 22 July 2018

Random Phrases I generated this morning and outcome of the day

  1. Drive Me Nuts Meaning: To greatly frustrate someone. To drive someone crazy, insane, bonkers, or bananas. Hmmm… other way round actually.  
  2. Cry Wolf Meaning: Someone that calls for help when it is not needed. Someone who is lying.  Came true! 
  3. I Smell a Rat Meaning: A feeling that something is not quite right, or awry.  Final test done. Results on expected lines. Gut feel came true. 
  4. Two Down, One to Go Meaning: Two things have been completed, but there is one more that has yet to be finished. Will finish soon. 
  5. Up In Arms Meaning: Angry; being roused to the point that you are ready to fight. But I gave up. No point raising my BP and suffering. Let others suffer.
  6. It’s Not Brain Surgery Meaning: A task that’s easy to accomplish, a thing lacking complexity.  Probably Brain surgery was a better option. 
  7. Down To The Wire Meaning: A tense situation where the outcome is decided only in the last few seconds. Absolutely true – within few seconds all was over! Criss cross of messages and failed communications. 
Sad end of a saga, stretched beyond necessary.

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