Tuesday, 7 August 2018

Spirit of Fortitude

Your friendship with the King might precipitate any situation, but you should stick to him..." no matter what
'"When you sink a well, you first select a spot before beginning the drilling. But if you stop drilling halfway, and start anew at a different spot, you will never find water, and all your labors will be wasted.
"But if you keep drilling at one spot, you will surely find water one day. A spirit of fortitude is required. If you are easily disappointed and keep trying at different places, you will never succeed.
"Similarly, if you continue running from one saint or Sadguru to another, you will never gain anything. Stick firmly to only one Master and carry out his wishes. Dig, dig and keep on digging, and one day you will get the water of Realization."
2 June 1928, Meherabad, LM3 p1051, © AMBPPCT
"Your friendship with the king might precipitate any situation, but you should stick to him. Even if you were about to die, you should never let go of his hand.
"Instead, one should submit oneself to the Emperor's will, having only this thought: 'O God, when will you meet me?' This longing must be present twenty-four hours a day. If the feeling is intense enough, God will surely fulfill it.
"I am in everyone. But if you catch hold of me, you will have the root of all creation in your hands. Then you will not need to go after the branches and leaves. If you are lucky enough to catch hold of the Emperor, you should never, never leave him. "Go on digging until you find water. Don't keep changing the spot. If you get impatient, by digging two feet here and four feet there, you will never strike water. If you only dig a shallow well, you will get impure water. Only patient, laborious digging will result in your finding crystal-pure water. And for that, you have to exert energy and dig deep...."
"All rivers flow in me. I am the ocean. Stop looking elsewhere, and look only at the ocean. By concentrating on me, you yourself will become the ocean. To look at the ocean means to carry out my wishes at all times."
Meher Baba, 6 September 1929, Bombay
to Kaikhushru Pleader, LM4 p1215-1216, © AMBPPCT
"What is the remedy for this? I will tell it now. It will be very useful only if you grasp it thoroughly. If all of you are convinced that Baba is the Avatar, God incarnate, the question of confusion does not arise at all. In this case, just hold fast to my damaan (the hem of the Master's robe) and close all doors for confusion and conflict to enter your minds. If you are not convinced, leave me. Seek someone else. But if you try to stick to me with a wavering mind, without being convinced of my divinity, you will be just like a nut caught in the crusher...."
"If you have full faith in me, stick to me. Otherwise leave me now altogether. Who will hold on to my damaan wholeheartedly to the end?..."
May 19 and June 7, 1957, Guruprasad Poona, Aw 5:4 p22-32
photo: © Meher Nazar Publications or MSI Collection
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